Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm Hungry

Lately I've had a hunger, but not the typical kind. I have never in my life, until now, had such a hunger for the Word of God. There's been plenty of times in my life where I have read the Bible on my own time, but it was because I felt like I had to or because I needed to. It's never been because I just genuinely wanted to read to learn and to be a student of the Word. Now I find myself wanting to read it constantly, and I believe that is a direct cause AND result of my becoming more intimate with my Savior Jesus Christ.

Previously on my blog, I have talked about being a follower of Jesus Christ (instead of only a fan), and daily I try my best to uphold that follower-of-Jesus way of life. (I even wear a bracelet daily as a reminder - thanks Stacy!) Today, I want to extend that challenge once again and also share my hunger for the Word in hopes that others might obtain or share the same hunger with me. Or for those that have a great hunger, I would love for you to share your thoughts and wisdom with me!

The Bible is our guidebook for life. It's our textbook. Manual. It's our LIVING word from God himself. Spiritual intimacy with Jesus cannot and will not be acquired without daily reading of the Word. 2 Timothy chapter 3 tells us, "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work." Sadly enough, it's not for lack of time that we don't read the Bible. I don't know how many times I've been guilty of waking up, getting out of bed, and checking my Twitter or Facebook timeline for at least a few minutes before getting ready for my day. There's nothing wrong with that, but think about the life transformation that can occur if we replace a few minutes of "social media time" everyday with reading our Bible. The Bible should be an essential part of each day of our lives as Christians, and it has become my goal lately to not go a full day without at least opening my favorite pink Bible for some studying - even if only for a brief amount of time.

The Bible is hands-down the number one best-selling book worldwide every year, but why do we find so many sitting on shelves doing nothing but collecting dust until times of trouble? So many of us only turn to the Bible in times of despair, but I'm here to tell you friends, the Bible is helpful just as much in times of joy as it is in times of sadness! The Bible has been my primary resource for the journey I've been on since August, and I hope that it is or will become yours as well.

According to the Gideons, Wycliffe International and the International Bible Societies, there are more than 168,000 Bibles either sold or given away per day in the United States. So many people across the world would love the opportunity to have a Bible to read, so let's not take for granted this so special and so fortunate privilege we have for such easy access to a Bible! And if you don't own a hard copy of the Bible, well "there's an [free] app for that!"

I could go on and on about what all the Bible has to offer and what all it has offered me, but I would be typing for an unending amount of time! So, my challenge to you today is open it. See what God has to say to you today. TODAY. He loves you and wants you to seek Him TODAY. Amos 5:4 says, "This is what the LORD says to the house of Israel: 'Seek me and live..." Seek Him because He is worth far more than any earthly object! Our worst day in Heaven will be unimaginably better than our best day on this earth! In order to get there, we must read our Bible, so in the words of Beth Moore, "Stay in the Word!"

"Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path." Psalm 119:105

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  1. Morgan,
    I could not agree more with this blog post! I am definitely guilty of checking my twitter and facebook first thing when I could be reading scripture. I will take this blog to heart. Thank you!


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