Saturday, July 11, 2015

When Darkness is a Good Thing

Never buy into the lie that your past defines you. Without darkness, there can be no light. Darkness is the backdrop against which all things good and bright and holy shine. Darkness is the scroll on which the pen of God's faithfulness etches beautiful and abiding stories.

It's remarkable what one entire year can do for you. In the last 365 days, a lot of things have changed because a lot had to change. I could go into a long story about the mess I got myself into and out of, but then the story would be about me...and that's not really what it's ever meant to be about. At the root of it all, I have one explanation to give...and that's Jesus. It's all about Him. I share about it so that maybe my past doesn't have to be someone else's future. 

Jesus took my stubborn self and let me know real quick that it was time to get my act together. It was time to stop running from His guidance and thinking I could handle my life on my own without His help. I didn't have to try to control everything. Christine Caine says, "The only way to find freedom and victory is to hand over the key to your prison to Jesus and allow Him to do what only He can do." I think that the Lord will do the most in our lives when we stop coming to Him with OUR myopic plans. He sees through our hidden agendas, and He refuses to play our games when we forget who we are dealing with. I also believe that when we finally trust Him with our entire life, holding nothing back, then we can expect nothing less than transformation, revelation, and the adventure of a lifetime.

I love the OT story of Joseph and Potiphar's wife (Genesis 39). Joseph refused to lie with her, and he was wrongfully imprisoned in the end. One thing that stands out to me about this story is the Lord's providential care. Four times it says, "The Lord was with him." Joseph's story wasn't always pretty, but where was God? Right there with him. He didn't prevent Joseph from being wrongfully accused, but He used it for good. He ultimately overrules sin for His glory. The Lord, through Joseph, used evil to work out His good purposes. Even though Joseph went through a very rough time, it was all a part of his training. Even though he probably didn't feel like it at the time, Joseph was being prepared for something great. He was only in his twenties, the prime of his life. Perhaps the most important thing he learned was reliance on God. 

Had Joseph lived in NT times, I think he would have claimed Romans 8:28 as his life verse. It says, "And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." We tend to think of this as a cute little verse with a ribbon tied nicely around it, but note that it does not say all things are good or will feel good. This verse has nothing to do with earthly pleasures. We have a skewed understanding sometimes. But we can rest assured that things will ultimately work out for good.  

So I believe that darkness is a good thing when it brings redemption. There was once darkness in my life, but it saved my future from my past. It taught me not to settle for anything less than God's best for me. Without it I would not be where I am now...that's Mercy. I am thankful that the Lord used the pain I endured because He made it matter. He protected me by saving me from myself. By allowing Him to fix me, I became equipped. One year ago, I would have never imagined I would be where I am at today. I have learned and grown more over the last year than probably all the other years combined. I wake up every day with a grateful heart because I am living out a life that I once thought was inaccessible. It's been a long road, but I know that I am blessed and refuse to take it for granted.

In the end, this is what matters more than anything else: knowing Jesus. And if darkness is the road that takes you there, then turn the lights off. Beth Moore says, "Sometimes we have to experience an onslaught of the Enemy to realize we want God." Life is too short to stumble around in the dark forever, but without darkness, we may never want or see the Light. 

That's when darkness is a good thing. 

I have been lost and I have been here's to the next 365 days. 

Let there be darkness and let there be light. 

"As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good..." Genesis 50:20


  1. Morgan, a very special friend, Andi Hooper told me: You are Beautiful, You are Worth it, You are God's! Thank goodness for God's grace and mercy. I love you and I want to meet Landon:)

  2. Morgan, a very special friend, Andi Hooper told me: You are Beautiful, You are Worth it, You are God's! Thank goodness for God's grace and mercy. I love you and I want to meet Landon:)

  3. Thankful for your Light in my life, my friend! Love you


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