Thursday, December 7, 2017

How to Take Better Care of Yourself

The holidays are in full swing, and so are a lot of stress and busyness for so many of us. If you are like me, then your to-do list and planner are necessary evils. I couldn't organize my days without mine...but the stress of getting every thing done is always lingering on my mind. So I thought we could all use some easy tips of how to take better care of ourselves. And in case you think about this in the same way that I used to...Self-care is not selfish! It's important to take care of yourself so you can be the best you that you need to be for the others in your life.

None of these ideas are revolutionary. They're all fairly simple. Fairly cheap. And all beneficial and rejuvenating. With just a little time and effort, each of these ideas can help you take care of yourself while healing your mind and body and promoting wellness. 

Without further ado, here's how I've been intentional lately about self-care and 7 ideas for you...

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Bitter and Sweet Love Affair

A common hashtag these days is #relationshipgoals. I'm sure you have seen it on plenty of posts unless you live under a social media rock (not a bad thing). The thing is, a lot of the qualities being attributed to as "goals" aren't always qualities we should aim for nor are the relationships being painted as picture-perfect all that they are cracked up to be. It makes me think a lot about what I should be pursuing in my own personal friendships & relationships, my marriage, and most importantly, in my relationship with Christ. And...I've come to the conclusion that I want nothing less than a bitter and sweet love affair...

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Fixing My Eyes

I had my annual eye exam last week. Not much had changed in my prescription in the last year but I wanted to get them checked before I ordered a new pair of glasses that didn't come real cheap. With my farsightedness, I can't really read anything without my contact lenses or glasses...but though my eyes are farsighted, my faith has a different problem. My faith tends to be a little more myopic--uncreative and narrow-minded if you will. I want that to be different in my life this year, and I've been having to work out what that is going to mean for me. It's going to mean focus and it's going to mean intentionality. To fix my faith, it's going to mean fixing my eyes.
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