Friday, February 2, 2018

January Books

In the month of January I read and finished 5 books. I started a couple of other books too and should finish them soon, so I will include them in the February Books post.
If you aren't a reader, then this post probably won't interest you much. But if you are, then grab a cup of coffee and join me. ;)

Book #1
The Seven Rings of Marriage by Jackie Bledsoe
This was a pretty good book on marriage! I would recommend this one to even couples who are seriously dating or engaged because it's a practical guide about what to expect in marriage. What I particularly liked about this book is the author writes from a place of experience and wants you to learn from his mistakes. Plus, it's faith-based! 

Book #2
Run to Failure: BP and the Making of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster by Abrahm Lustgarten
This book was a disaster for me! I don't know. I admit I only bought this book because it was on sale...but I typically enjoy reading geographical and environmental type books. I think the author could have told the entire story in a lot less pages and been way more effective. It was very long and a little repetitive. Interesting content, but hard to stick out the whole read. 

Book #3
When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi
This book is a MUST READ! I would recommend this book to anyone...but especially if you work in health care! It's the memoir of a neurosurgeon who receives a terminal diagnosis of lung cancer. This book stays with you. It will make you want to ensure the life in your days count. He doesn't give up on life, and it's just really inspiring. Not to mention, the end of the book has an excerpt written to his new daughter...and it quite possibly may be the sweetest words I've ever read. Go buy this book!

Book #4
A Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows through Loss by Jerry Sittser

So I initially bought this book because I saw where someone had recommended it online as a practical guide for helping others around you walk through grief and suffering. And a lot of people I love have been walking through darkness. But here's the thing...I never expected how much this book would minister to myself! This book is just really well-written. The author's writes from a place of having lost his mom, wife, and daughter all in the same accident. And it's just real. He writes about all the different phases of grief he went through, how he dealt with the issues, and what worked for him and what didn't. He even wrote about his struggles with God and how he contemplated atheism. If your heart is hurting from grief, loss, or suffering...this book is worth a read. 

Book #5
Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

This was my first book to read by Hannah, but I really enjoyed it and hope to read The Nightingale next! After reading a lot of heavy stuff to start the year, I needed a lighter read...and this was the perfect little one. :) I don't typically enjoy "chick lit"...I need some depth to my stories. This book was the perfect mix of it all. It's the story of two sisters who don't really have a relationship with their mother, but through a fairy tale their mom tells them, they discover who she really is and, I believe, find redemption and restoration for the relationship. The depth comes in the form of part of the story being set in war-ravished Leningrad. Historical fiction is probably my favorite genre outside of nonfiction, and this was one of my favorite books I've read recently. 

That's it for January! Even though I only finished five this month, I'm still feeling good about my goal of 100 for the year. I should finish 2 or 3 books up in the next week or so, and have so many on my to-read list for the next few months. 

Even though my docket is a mile long, I am still always looking for suggestions on books!

What are you reading? 

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  1. Kept opening and closing my Goodreads adding the books from your post. Finally just left it open because so many of them spoke to me. I am, at max, a two book a month gal, so between your recommendations, Sarah Elizabeth's, and Kristen's I've loaded up my 'want to read' shelf with potentials for the next decade!

  2. Found you through Book By Book linkup. I really enjoyed (though that seems like the wrong word for such a heartbreaking book) When Breath Becomes Air. I work in the ER as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner so it was good to hear about a neurosurgeon who experienced being a patient. It helped me understand a bit more about the emotional and physical hardships with a cancer diagnosis. And yes, the ending was heartbreakingly beautiful!

    Here are my Jan reads:


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