Life Goals

I guess this would be the equivalent to my bucket list, per se. I read somewhere five years ago that if you want to dream until the day you die, you need to set goals that take a lifetime to achieve…and I have kept this running list ever since. I always try to add and change as I come up with new ideas and dreams. So now I've decided to keep up with it here. If it's bold, I have checked it off...and italics is in progress or being actively planned or pursued. 

Here's my list:

  1. Visit all 50 states - currently at 31
  2. Read the entire Bible (2018)
  3. Obtain a Bible degree 
  4. Become fluent in another language - studying Spanish
  5. Become a registered nurse (2015)
  6. Go skydiving (2018)
  7. Plan with a lion cub in Africa (2013)
  8. See the northern lights (2019)
  9. Tour a Nazi concentration camp (2017)
  10. Tour the Holy Lands
  11. Trace a journey of Paul
  12. Publish a book
  13. Live in another country
  14. Surf in the Pacific Ocean (2014)
  15. Start a ministry
  16. Take a gondola ride in Venice (2017)
  17. Attend the Olympics
  18. Go to the top of the Empire State Building (2013)
  19. Visit Castle Church in Germany - plans booked for Wittenberg in September!
  20. Visit the Grand Canyon
  21. Attend a National Championship game (2011)
  22. Go to a World Series Game 7
  23. Teach a college course
  24. See a Broadway play (2013)
  25. See the Statue of Liberty (2013)
  26. Sponsor a Compassion child
  27. Ride in a hot air balloon
  28. Take a Scandinavian cruise
  29. Backpack across Europe - flight is booked for this year!
  30. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
  31. Stand in the Four Corners (2018)

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